Lorenzo Massart was born between 1954 and 1964.

He grew up in the wild in the countryside, in Poggiotondo.

Since he was a child he really has been in love with animals, in particular donkeys (Sardinian donkeys), dogs (German sheepdogs), turtle doves (with collar) and also ducks (wild ducks) which are still with him today.

The primary school he attended was a room where children from the first class to the fifth one cohabited together.

The teacher, as you can imagine, was (often) in trouble to carry out at the same time five different courses, so she (often) took the children outdoor to pick up compost for flowers.

This is, in short, the world in which Lorenzo Massart grew up and which still remains his lifestyle today.

After the high school and the boarding school he arrived in Florence where he met his most important friends and graduated in 1978 with difficulty. Since then he lives and works between Florence and Poggiotondo.

Poggiotondo is what he defines as  “my Eden”, it represents his real love: here he lives an endless relationship with nature, made of trees, flowers, fragrances, seasons and colours.

He travels a lot and he’s fascinated by the South American people (Brasil, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru) and also by the asiatic nature (Indonesia and Bali in particular).

He married an “angel” with his same passions included the one for painting.

His artistic activity begins as designer of little things (from the japanese garden to labels passing through the interior decor).

In the mid-1990’s he begins painting but it’s only after the 2000 that he dedicates himself actively to it.

He paints just because he needs to do it but he is self-taught because he never studied painting. His pictures have been defined as “ideas on the canvas” that remind the abstractionism.

The colours he prefers are white, red and black, which appear in all his pictures.

His works, at last, are all bright because they reflect his lively, ironic and funny temper.e